Championsheeps Live Events


bookThere are loads of fun games to play at the Championsheeps. You’ll get a reward card that will be stamped once you’ve taken part in each game listed below. You can then take your completed reward card to the Finale Podium to get a badge and have your photo taken.


 Shirleys-Pie-athlon-logo Sheep-Shape-logo Get-Fit-with-the-Flock-logo Free-range-logo Flock-'n'-Roll-logo Farmyard-Fling-logo Cabbage-Keepie-Uppie-logo Bitzers-sack-race-Logo


  • Shirley’s Pie-athlon: Race a Shirley-shaped sheep hopper while trying not to drop the piece of cake you’re carrying. Don’t forget to avoid the ‘healthy’ fruit obstacles!
  • Free Range: Lift the chickens and see what you find: if it’s a chick, take it back to the safety of the henhouse; if it’s an egg, balance it on your wooden spoon and take it to the basket.
  • Farmyard Fling: The Farmer is keeping an eye on everyone with his three ‘farmer scarecrows’. Try knocking their vegetable heads off by throwing wellie boots.
  • Cabbage Keepie Uppie: Try to keep the Farmer’s prize cabbages up and out of the mud, so that he can take them to market.
  • Get Fit with the Flock: Get involved in a mass participation session of hula hooping, aerobics and line dancing!
  • Bitzer’s Sack Race: Dress up as Bitzer and race to prove you’re the fastest dog in the yard!
  • Flock ‘n’ Roll: You’ll work in teams to roll a giant Shirley around the obstacle course. The first team to push their Shirley in the bath wins!
  • Sheep Shape: A large clay modelling station where you can add to our growing farmyard scene.